Barron Trump School NYC

Barron Trump School NYC
Barron Trump School NYC

Barron is the youngest child of Donald Trump, the current president of the United States. He is the only child of Melania Trump, the U.S. First Lady. Although just ten years old, Barron Trump has already made several appearances in popular reality television shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show. He has beautiful blue eyes and an adorable face that resembles his mother. He also has a proclivity for well-designed suits. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Barron became popular not only because of his fitting suits but also because of his unique facial expressions. Barron is the apple of his parents’ eyes.

His education

Barron Trump attended the prestigious Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School. The Barron Trump school NYC is situated in Manhattan. Apart from being a fluent English speaker, Barron is also quite fluent in Slovene. This isn’t quite surprising, considering that his mother originates from Slovenia. Barron only made three public appearances during his father’s political campaign trail. His mother wanted to shield him from the spotlight since she’s a very private individual. Apart from appearing in Donald Trump’s campaign rally held in the state of South Carolina, Barron also attended his inauguration ceremony and his presidential victory speech as well.

Barron Trump School NYC
Barron Trump School NYC

Although many people are more interested in Barron Trump school NYC, what’s more fascinating is what he does during his leisure time. Barron is an extremely active kid who enjoys golfing, just like his dad. You can catch him golfing with his father in his numerous golf clubs. Better yet, follow him of Instagram to check out pictures of him golfing. Barron also has a deep liking for cats. He frequently poses for portraits while mounted on a stuffed tiger or a lion. Since his personality largely resembles his father’s, Melania loves nicknaming him ‘little Donald’.

Cream of the crop

It’s easy to see why President Donald Trump adores his youngest son – the two share numerous traits. Not only does Barron love to wear suits and play gold just like his father, he loves to mingle with friends. When Barron Trump was as young as 2 and a half, he enjoyed engaging in power talks with his help. He obviously took on his father’s traits as he watched him make deals, negotiate and talk his way into the presidency. Barron also enjoys playing all by himself, sometimes going for hours building structures out of Magna-Tiles and Legos.

Barron Trump School NYC
Barron Trump School NYC

Even at 10 years old, Barron Trump is already an uncle. Donald Trump Jr, his oldest sibling, is 29 years his senior. Don Jr has 5 children – three girls and two boys, who are nieces and nephews of the young Barron. Clearly, Barron Trump school NYC has helped the young lad to develop his grammar as well as his enviable style. Barron uses a freshly scented Caviar moisturizer on his face. The moisturizer is part of Melania Trump’s line of beauty products. Some people speculate that Barron Trump might be suffering from autism, given that he’s socially awkward, dislikes shaking hands and he wobbles a bit when walking. However these are just mere speculations.

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