Donald J Trump through Eyes of the Media
Donald J Trump through Eyes of the Media

The Current president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has been the center of many political conversations for as long as we can recall. The entrepreneur, businessman and real estate mogul had always been ambitious. While studying at the New York Military Academy, he flourished both academically and socially. He even rose to become a devoted student leader and star athlete by the time of his graduation in 1964. His ambition saw him enroll into Fordham University, although he shifted to Wharton School of Finance after only two years since he wanted to study real estate.

Donald J. Trump News

Ever since he declared his candidacy back in 2015, Trump has been the media focus and has sparked a lot of heated debates around the country. On July 2016, he was nominated for U.S. presidency under a republican ticket, after 17 other contenders dropped their bids. After gathering more than 62 million popular votes and 306 electoral votes, Trump was declared the 45 th president of the United States of America. Although some couldn’t believe this Donald J Trump news, many Americans believed in his message of hope, that he could Make America Great Again. Many critics have tried to crack the secret behind Trump’s tremendous success, giving rise to a number of theories. One thing is clear though – Trump’s strong Media presence prior to his election made a huge impact in American’s voting decision. He hosted and produced The Apprentice, a popular reality show that aired on NBC for around 11 years. The show presented Trump as a man of power and authority, firing one apprentice every episode until only one was left. Trump has benefitted more from television than he has spent – although he’s spent around $10 million on dvertisements, he’s profited about $1.9 billion for his enormous media coverage. Donald J. Trump media coverage isn’t just restricted to mainstream media; he has his own website called which talks about the milestones he’s achieved so far, the challenges at hand and the plan he has to make America Great again. One particular article in that website talks about his meeting with Pope Francis. In that meeting, the message of peace was reiterated time and time again. The president’s message was as clear as daylight: “We can use peace.” The pope gifted president Trump with a medal that featured an olive branch and other amazing gifts symbolizing peace.

Donald J. Trump Facebook Page

As with many other presidents before him, President Donald Trump is on Facebook. His official page is called Donald J. Trump and has more than 23 million followers. There are a myriad of issues covered in

Donald J Trump through Eyes of the Media
Donald J Trump through Eyes of the Media

his page. They include:

  • Enforcing stringent laws that will protect Americans from violent criminals. Trump believes that drug dealers and gang members should be removed from the streets and prosecuted, so that Communities and cities can be safer.
  • Medical care for veterans. President Donald Trump doesn’t take the patriotism of the American Military lightly. According to his Facebook page, he believes in rebuilding the military and Ffering veterans top quality and holistic medical care. Rebuilding infrastructure is also top on his list.
  • Expanding the production of energy. It’s no secret that the American population is growing each Passing day. President Trump has an energy plan that will ensure each American citizen gets Access to safe energy. Top on his list is supporting coal jobs and introducing the energy derived From public and offshore lands. He also prioritizes the Keystone Pipeline project which he Believes can be conducted responsibly.
  • Curb waste and corruption. The president is clearly tired of the corruption and unnecessary Waste that has marred the country. This is why he plans to eliminate government corruption Once and for all. He also wants to balance any ballooning deficits that have been brought about By wasteful spending.
  • o President Trump makes it very clear in his FB page that he’s against abortion, save for some exceptional cases such as incest, rape and risk of the mother’s life. He also stresses on the issue of veteran care, promising to offer these heroes the top quality care they deserve through private Medicare or VA. He also plans to eliminate VA corruption.
  • He also plans to curb job-killing regulations such as Obama’s EPA directives that supposedly “cost a lot of jobs.” Donald J. Trump Facebook page is full of praise for the tenacious and industrious hearts of American workers. The president also wants to improve education options and also support homeschoolers.
  • To avoid overburdening American students, President Trump wants to make college education more affordable. He also plans to reform intelligence agencies, rebuild military and make his government more prepared for any eventualities in the domain of cyberspace.
  • His foreign policies are a bit edgy – in one of his FB posts, he plans to engage his allies and stand with them, ending the Obama-Clinton policies of saying sorry to enemies. He also plans to end all nuclear deals with Iran and halting ransom payments to terrorists.
Donald J Trump through Eyes of the Media
Donald J Trump through Eyes of the Media

Donald J. Trump Twitter Handle

The president has his own Twitter handle called @realDonaldTrump. Here, he airs current issues facing the country. He has recently been frustrated by the Media, saying that its role has become that of fishing out fake news. In one of his tweets, he blamed the media for leaking fabricated lies and purporting that the information came from the White House. He goes ahead and uses the hashtag #FakeNews.

In another tweet, the president expressed his confidence in the recent tax cut reform he submitted, stating that it was progressing quite well and was even ahead of schedule. He also adds that it would benefit all Americans. It’s apparent that the president has the citizens’ interests at heart, although some Americans might still be critical of his ideologies. Some of his close allies are worried that his tweets might be doing more harm than good. Senator Dick Durbin even came out to say that if not controlled, the President’s tweets could put a noose around his own neck.

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