Donald Trump Ethnicity
Donald Trump Ethnicity


Donald John Trump is the sitting President of the United States of America. Donald Trump was born in 1946 in Queens to Fred Trump and Mary Trump, and he is the fourth born among five siblings. His father Fred Trump made a fortune constructing middle-income apartments in Brooklyn and Queens.

Donald Trump is the second last born in the family of five. His siblings include Elizabeth, who is a former Chase banker, Maryanne, a retired judge who served on US court of appeal for the third circuit, Robert, a top Trump executive and Freddy who died at the age of forty-three in 1981 due to alcoholism. Donald Trump always refers to his brother Freddy when discussing his issue to abstain from alcohol and cigarettes.

Donald Trump Ethnicity-German

Donald Trump’s paternal grandfather originated in Germany, a village called Kallstadt, in the idyllic region of Rhineland-Palatinate. The village is a home to about 1,200 people. The village is a tourist destination, and the town is full of traditional wine cellars and sampling rooms, which is a favorite among both the locals and the international tourists. Trump is a common name in the village though from different family trees. There is no one resident in the village with the name presently.

In the village, many locals are related to the forty-fifth president of America, and there were 10 to 12 Trumps located just outside the village, though no one was willing to talk about the American Presidential race. Relatives seemed to be fed up with their distant American President relative, and no one appears to be happy to comment, and everyone wants to remain anonymous. Donald Trump seemed to inherit one of the village’s habits of expressing their opinion loudly.

Donald’s grandfather immigrated to the US in 1885 at the age of 16. Two decades later, Frederick tried to regain his German citizenship in 1904, but he failed. Frederick returned to New York and put his money into empty lots in Brooklyn and Queens. After the war, after the death of Frederick Trump, Donald’s father claimed that it came from Sweden, from a small town near the border the German border with France. This was due to the widespread hatred of Germans of America. Fred Trump used this claims to sell houses to Jewish families using his father’s investment.

Donald Trump Ethnicity
Donald Trump Ethnicity

Donald Trump Ethnicity-Scotland

During his campaign, Donald Trump rarely brought up his Scottish ancestry. Donald Trump’s mother, Mary Anne MacLeod came from Tong, which is a remote fishing village in Stornoway Parish in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Mary boarded S.S. Transylvania in Glasgow to come to New York City in such of better opportunities. Many Scots had been migrating into the US for years. She settled in a well-established community in New York with her two sisters in the thirties working as a maid.

Mary met Trump’s father Frederick Christ Trump in dance, and the two fell in love. Fred was then a builder having started the business while in high school. By the late twenties, Fred Trump was selling houses in Queens for $3990 each. They got married and settled in Jamaica Queens. At the time, the value of their home was $12,500, which is equivalent to today’s $214,000. Fred made $5,000 a year, which was equivalent to $86,000 a year in 2016. The US District Court made Mary Trump a naturalized citizen on the 10th of March 1942.

After the war, the throngs of middle-class houses sprouted throughout Brooklyn and Queens, and this was when Fred Trump acquired his fortune. Mary becomes the wife of a wealthy developer, and she became regular on the New York social circuit. She worked several philanthropic causes including an organization for cerebral palsy and intellectually disabled children.

Trump describes his mother as incredible and smart as outlined in his 1987 book, The Art of Comeback. He indirectly criticizes other women in his life and blames it on having to compare them with his incredible mother. Trump and his mother had both a penchant of hair sculpting as she appeared in photos with dramatic orange swirl for years. She would always walk around New York draped in jewelry and fur coats. She also held many events at her place where she would be the center of attention. In his 1987 book, Donald Trump says that he got his sense of showmanship from his mother. She died in 2000 in New York City.

Donald Trump’s relationship with Scotland after the death of his mother has been rocky. Organizers of British Open in 2020 have ruled out staging the event at Trump Turn berry following Donald Trump’s comments regarding the Muslims during his campaign. He was also stripped of an honorary degree from Robert Gordon University because the statements that he made during the campaign were wholly incompatible with the ethos and the values of the university. The representatives of Scottish government deemed him no longer fit to be the nation’s business ambassador.

Donald Trump Ethnicity
Donald Trump Ethnicity

Donald Trump Ethnicity campaign

During the campaigns, Donald Trump advocated to make America Great again, and he said that he would ban and stop immigration. He also said that he would build a wall between Mexico and the US, to prevent illegal immigrants from Mexico. The move was ironic because his mother and his paternal grandparents were immigrants. This was a part to support his slogan, ‘To Make America Great again.’ The question remains if he meant to Make America Great Again being a Caucasian because of his racist comment, the latest one being against the Latino Judge handling the case against Trump University. He did not bother to seek the votes of the colored races in the country.

Donald Trump’s comments are found to incite Nativism and Xenophobia, and instead of making America Great Again, it brings to hatred, civil war and racism. He is a son of immigrants and the fact that the original settlers of America were the Red Indians make the rest of the races immigrants. The only way of making America Great is uniting and working together regardless of the background, the class in the society or the race.

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