Donald Trump Family Life
Donald Trump Family Life

Donald John Trump is the current American President. Donald Trump was born in 1946 in Queens to Fred Trump and Mary Trump, and he is the fourth born among five siblings. His father Fred Trump made a fortune constructing middle-income apartments in Brooklyn and Queens.

Donald Trump’s Family Life with His Siblings

Donald Trump is the second last born in the family of five. His siblings include Elizabeth, who is a former Chase banker, Maryanne, a retired judge who served on US court of appeal for the third circuit, Robert, a top Trump executive and Freddy who died at the age of forty-three in 1981 due to alcoholism. Donald Trump always refers to his brother Freddy when discussing his issue to abstain from alcohol and cigarettes.

Donald Trump Family Life with his brother Freddy and Freddy’s family was always complicated. This complication came out especially in 1999 after the death of Fred junior, Trump’s father. Fred’s children sued Donald and his other siblings claiming that they had used their undue influence over their grandfather Fred Trump Senior who had dementia to cut them out of his will. They claimed that Donald had helped his father draft his last will to cut them out, claiming that the previous will had included them. Following this, Trump retaliated by withdrawing medical benefits that were critical to nephew’s infant child.

Donald Trump Family Life with his parents

Donald Trump would work for the family despite the fact that their father was a tycoon. Donald himself worked the lowest tier jobs within his father company until the age of thirteen when he was sent to a military boarding school when he started misbehaving in his school. His father is described to be a hardworking man that was dedicated to doing whatever it took to be successful. His mother is described to be a woman who loved the spotlight. It is said that she was always planning parties and events. In this events, she would always be the center of the attention. This may have influenced Trump’s personality of a dedicated, hardworking man and a wannabe superstar. This is because even before announcing his bid to be the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump was the most colorful billionaire in the United States.

Donald Trump Family Life
Donald Trump Family Life

After attending The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, he became his father’s favorite to succeed him. This is after his brother Fred Trump chose to become a pilot. Donald Trump had obvious qualities of competitiveness and aggressiveness that would enable him to succeed his father successfully. Together with his intelligence and a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance and his interest in real estate, he was offered a $1million loan from his father to get into real estate before joining his father’s company. After his father’s death, Donald describes his father as his inspiration.

Donald Trump Family Life with Ivana Trump

Donald Trump’s first wife is a hard working woman that came to the United States from her country Czechoslovakia as an athlete in the ski Olympics game and a model too. Knowing what it meant to be trapped due to money and class, she was determined to make it through in the United States and take her opportunities to the infinity. These traits made her different from the spoilt liberal women of New York, making her stand out. She earned her master’s in physical education and further studied decorating and business. She met Donald Trump and a year later married on Easter Sunday 1977 after a year of dating. Together they were a solid business team taking on the main projects together. Together, they had three children, Donald Trump Junior, Erick, and Ivanka. Ivanna Trump and Donald Trump got divorced in1990, which was public and all over the newspapers. He sent his children to boarding school to shield them from the war of words and the tabloids by the press about their parents.

Donald Trump Family Life with Marla Maples

Donald Trump married Marla Maples in 1992 and 1993 had a girl together called Tiffany. Marla Maples is said to be an ordinary woman who wanted an everyday dinner with the husband. Being a businessman who loved his job, this was almost impossible, and it created friction between the two of them. They separated in 1998, and Marla Maples moved to California with their daughter Tiffany where she raised her as a single mother. Tiffany is said to have a phone relationship with her father due to living away from her father unlike the rest of her siblings. Donald is said to maintain a good relationship with Marla Maples after the divorce for Tiffany’s sake.

Melania Trump

Melania Trump was born in Slovenia before moving to the US. She met Trump in 1998 at a New York fashion party. Despite refusing to date him, they established a relationship and eventually got engaged in 2004. They got married in 2005. The two bore a son a year later called Barron Trump.

Donald Trump Family Life
Donald Trump Family Life

Donald Trump Family Life with his Children

During the divorce with Ivanna, The first two children, Donald Junior and Ivanka were old enough to know what was happening and they tried as much as they could to protect Erick from any harm. This made them very close to each other. Though Donald Junior is said to be furious with his father and the two did not speak for a year. However, Ivanka Trump became even closer to her father.

Donald Trump family life with his children has been quite good and him being protective tried to give them a relatively normal upbringing and protected them making sure that they never made tabloids when they were younger. He is said to maintain a great relationship with the mothers of his kids even after divorce. The Trump siblings have become so close due to them living together in one building and working together. They go to vacations together and business trips together, making them very close. However, Tiffany Trump has not been close to others due to her living away from Manhattan, though she spent some few weeks of holiday every year with her siblings. Tiffany is said to be very close to Ivanka, and she helped her get her internship at Vogue. Tiffany is to start school in Georgetown so that she can become close to her father and sister and to get to know them more.

Donald Trump is known to have a great relationship with his children though their relationship, especially with Tiffany Trump, is known to be telephone corded relationship. During interviews, the children commend their father for maintaining a great relationship between them even after divorce with their mothers by maintaining a good friendship with his ex-wives. Ivanka Trump says that her appreciation to her father has increased significantly after being a parent, making her love him more. She says he was always available for them. Lara Trump, Donald’s daughter-in-law, affirms the close ties between the family members attributing it to the fact that the president puts his family first and foremost. Donald Trump’s relationship with his children has even been praised by his former rival Hillary Clinton. During the second presidential debate, she said that Donald Trump’s family life was the factor that she respected the most in Donald Trump.

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