Donald Trump Interview

Donald Trump Interview
Donald Trump Interview

The 45 th POTUS has immense responsibilities. He has to oversee the country’s healthcare system, ensure that Americans get jobs and generally fulfil the promises he made during his campaigns. He is also answerable to the millions of Americans looking up to him. In an unfortunate twist of fate, Donald Trump found his way to the highest seat in the land. Most of his words and actions this far have caused citizens to be worried. They no longer feel safe in their own country. By preaching hate and bigotry, the president continues to encourage racist minorities to step on the liberal majority. It’s quite a sad state of affairs.

Trump’s Plan

In one Donald Trump interview with CBS News analyzing his 100 days in office, President Trump stated that he was not happy with North Korea’s decision to test a missile, even after the U.S. Government advised the nation not to test any missiles. He also refused to comment on his feelings towards the North Korean leader, choosing instead to say that ‘most people question the leader’s sanity’. Trump also admitted that being the president was tougher than he initially thought. He added that he’d had lots of tough occupations, though he’d know for sure after eight years had elapsed.

Donald Trump Interview
Donald Trump Interview

Listening to any Donald Trump interview, you’ll realize that the president is far from reserved. He speaks his mind concerning a myriad of issues. Trump personally believes that the United States has made huge strides in foreign policy, saying that his relationship with other world leaders has dramatically improved. According to the president, international trade is also going quite well, although lots of money is exiting the country every single day. He also blames the “fake media” for propagating lies about the government. He pointed out that his interviewer’s show on CBS News was one of the media outlets propagating fake news.

Saying it as it is

In another Donald Trump interview with AP News, the President casually pointed out how he helped Aya, an American charity worker detained in Egypt for almost three years, to get released. Apparently, all he had to do was request the Egyptian government to release her. He added that the Obama administration had worked on Aya Hijazi’s issue for three years, getting zero results. Apparently, Trump believes in his strong negotiation skills. In the same interview, he boasted how he had “one of the best chemistries” with Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor.

Donald Trump Interview
Donald Trump Interview

If you go through any Donald Trump interview, one thing will be extremely clear: he barely prepares for his interviews. In one of his interviews with AP News, he stated that he didn’t think the 100 days in office threshold was very meaningful. Instead, he called it an artificial barrier. Trump also loves making up his own version of reality, carefully choosing facts that will suit him. He loves going after the media, calling it the “fake media.” It’s startling how the president takes over his interviews, twisting our arms and making us to see his good side.

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