Donald Trump Investments
Donald Trump Investments

Before President Donald Trump took power, he was a renowned real estate guru and businessman. He still is. Trump is a man of many colors, like the fifty shades of gray. Growing up, he watched his father build his real estate empire from the ground up. After graduating from the prestigious Wharton School of Business, he took over his father’s business and turned it into a multi-million empire. However, Trump’s success didn’t stop there – he went on to invest in numerous ventures, most of which have been pretty lucrative. There are numerous Donald Trump investments in the United States and abroad.

What does Trump own?

Most of the assets owned by President Trump are under the umbrella of The Trump Organization. The headquarters of this company are in the Trump Tower. The Trump Corporation is a relatively old company – it was established by Frederick Trump Sr. and Elizabeth Christ (Donald Trump’s father and grandmother respectively). It was initially called Elizabeth Trump & Son before Donald renamed it to its current title. Donald Trump has been the president and chairman of the Trump Organization from 1971 up to 2017. After he was elected president, he stepped down and left his two elder sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., to run the company.

Donald Trump Investments
Donald Trump Investments

Among all of Donald Trump investments, his 17 golf courses are the most impressive. The Trump International Golf Club West Palm Beach is a picturesque course that boasts of having a number of celebrities among its lucky members. It was Trump’s first golf course investment, but definitely not his last. Trump even has golf courses abroad, with the Trump Turnberry in Scotland being the most impressive. This golf course has three courses in total, as well as a resort. The Trump Turnberry has hosted a number of golf tournaments, including the British Open.

His other investments

Apart from golf courses, Trump has invested heavily in real estate. Some of the properties owned and sold by his company are situated in Nevada, Florida, Illinois, Connecticut and New York. The tallest and most expensive properties are found in New York. Apart from these homegrown properties, Trump also owns several real estate investments in the diaspora. For instance, he has properties in South Korea, Canada, India, Turkey, Uruguay and the Philippines. Hotels also fall into the list of Donald Trump investments. Trump owns several hotels in Florida, Illinois, Hawaii, Nevada and several other counties within the United States. He also has international hotel properties in Canada, Ireland and Panama.

Donald Trump Investments
Donald Trump Investments

President Trump is a businessman who loves taking risks. As such, it isn’t surprising that he has several casinos under his belt. However, casinos are the only Donald Trump investments that have made him suffer significant losses. Back in the day, Trump owned several casinos which include the Trump Plaza, the Trump Taj Mahal and Trump’s Castle. However, after declaring bankruptcies in each of these casinos, he gave up majority of his stake and incurred some losses. Today, only one Casino is left under full control of Trump Entertainment – the Trump Taj mahal.

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