Donald Trump Jr Instagram

Donald Trump Jr Instagram
Donald Trump Jr Instagram

The president’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., has some pretty sick photos on Instagram. However, he has occasionally bore the brunt of many internet jokes and memes. One particular photo that was put in the New York Times showed Trump Jr sitting in a very uncomfortable position. Naturally, this picture turned into a meme, with so many people questioning why Trump Jr was so terrible at sitting. In his defense, he took to Instagram and likened himself to the internet sensation known as Salt Bae. In the caption, he wrote that he now knew how it felt to “be Salt Bae”.

His large family

Trump Jr has a big, beautiful family – he is married to American model Vanessa Kay Haydon. Together, they have five children. The two got married on November 2005 in a wedding officiated by Judge Marianne Trump, Trump Jr’s aunt. The colorful ceremony took place at Mar-a- Lago estate. Haydon, Trump Jr’s wife, has a half-Danish Half-Jewish ancestry. She studied in the Dwight School and later went to Marymount Manhattan College in New York to study psychology. She shares several traits with her husband. For instance, they both have an enviable fashion sense. Both of them are also quite outgoing.

Donald Trump Jr Instagram
Donald Trump Jr Instagram

If you follow Donald Trump Jr Instagram page, you’ll notice that most of the pictures and videos he posts revolve around family. He absolutely adores his family. His two daughters, Chloe Sophia and Kai Madison Trump, are the apples of his eye. Follow Trump Jr. on Instagram to catch a glimpse of the two young ladies. Trump Jr. also has three sons: Tristan Milos, Spencer Frederick and Donald Trump III. Their sense of fashion, even at their supple age, is simply breathtaking. They have great role models to look up to – their father is a successful businessman and television personality and their grandfather is the current U.S. President.

A fit family man

If Donald Trump Jr Instagram pictures are to go by, Trump Jr. regularly hits the gym to keep in shape. He also loves participating in fun activities with the kids – he skies, hunts and goes fishing. In one picture, Trump Jr. his viewed fishing with his son, spencer. The two are having a great time, evidenced by the large grin on their faces. Trump is a big fan of the outdoors. After graduating from college several years ago, he decided to live away from the confines of his father for a whole year. He skied, hunted and lived in a truck the entire year before finally returning to his home in New York.

Donald Trump Jr Instagram
Donald Trump Jr Instagram

Trump Jr. is a passionate man. Not only is he a devoted family man, he’s also a politician in the making. This became clear after visiting the Donald Trump Jr Instagram page and viewing his numerous political remarks. However, he drew controversy during his father’s presidential campaign when he compared American refugees to Skittles. He claimed that the country’s Syrian refugee problem was similar to offering someone a handful of skittles after warning them that only three of them were enough to kill you.

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