Donald Trump Jr
Donald Trump Jr

Being the oldest son of the United States President comes with its fair share of responsibilities. Donald Trump Jr is the oldest son of Donald Trump, the 45 th POTUS. He was born in 1977 to Ivana Zelnickova, a former Czech model and Donald’s first wife. Ivana and Donald trump got divorced in 1992 when Trump Jr was only 15 years old. To get the inside story, reporters bombarded Ivana and her three sons with numerous questions. This prompted Ivana to send Trump Jr. and his two siblings to boarding school so as to protect them from reporters’ interrogations.

Fun facts about Donald Jr

Donald Trump Jr., better known as Don, has led a very interesting life. After earning his degree in Economics from Wharton School of business, he headed to Aspen to spend some time by himself. While there, Don enjoyed skiing, fishing and hunting game. In addition, he lived in a truck for a whole year. However, he moved back to his New York home in 2001 after realizing he’d had enough excursions. That’s when he joined the Trump Organization. Donald Trump Jr is extremely grateful to be a Trump –according to an interview conducted by New York Magazine, he was happy that his parents could offer him everything he wanted.

Donald Trump Jr
Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump Jr is married to Vanessa Haydon, an American model. Interestingly enough, it was his father who introduced them. The president had attended a fashion show along with his son Don Jr. when he spotted a young, beautiful model strutting graciously on the runway. In an epic winger move, Trump took his son backstage when the show was over and introduced his son to the woman who she’d marry in future. As the New York Times reports, the three then went ahead to engage in a very brief yet awkward conversation.

His family

Did you know that Donald Trump Jr has five children? Three boys and two girls to be precise. Their names are Donald John III, Kai, Tristan, Chloe and Spencer. Whenever he can, Don Jr. spends time with his children conducting such activities as fishing, hunting and cruising. In2009, the family moved to The Sovereign, a building that Trump doesn’t own. He acquired apartment 12B and paid up to $1.5 million for it, this according to StreetEasy. He consequently bought apartment 12C for which he paid $1.125 million. In 2014, he added a third apartment 12D.

Donald Trump Jr
Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump Jr is actually very fluent in Czech. This is not surprising considering that Ivana, his mother, was born in the beautiful country of Czechoslovakia. He also spent lots of time with his maternal grandmother when he was growing up. Don Jr. plans to enter the political arena one day, perhaps as the New York governor. For now, he is content with running his father’s business empire which consists of more than 500 companies. This means that he has the executive powers to manage $3.6 billion worth of assets. His father relinquished his position in the company after he took office.

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