Donald Trump Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump Presidential Campaign
Donald Trump Presidential Campaign

On the 16 th of June 2015, Donald Trump officially launched his presidential campaign. He was given the Republican nomination after 17 other hopefuls dropped out. The vice president, Mike Pence, was the Governor of Indiana when Trump chose him to be his running mate. Donald Trump’s populist ideologies, such as his strong opposition to various trade agreements and illegal immigration, made him widely popular among voters. They also helped him gain the support of white, male, blue-collar voters as well as voters who didn’t have college degrees. Although most of the remarks he made during his campaign were highly controversial, he still won American’s hearts by promising to make America great again.

Where did he go?

Donald Trump presidential campaign saw him travel to Chicago, Illinois, New York and all around America. Whenever he attended political rallies, Trump attracted large masses. Some of his events were marred with protests, with civil rights groups accusing Trump of inciting violence. Sometimes, Trump supporters clashed with protesters, leading to ugly scenes. Apart from violence, disruptions and mistreatment of journalists were also common during Donald Trump presidential campaign. It is surprising how one single event could polarize people so dramatically, pulling Americans towards Trump and away from him in equal magnitudes.

Donald Trump Presidential Campaign
Donald Trump Presidential Campaign

Trump hates being politically correct – it was one of his campaign’s staple themes. Most people viewed him as a staunch supporter of racism, owing to his uncouth remarks revolving around bigotry and hate. Trump’s proposals touched on border security and immigration. He also proposed to deport illegal immigrants from the country and to build a secure wall on the border of Mexico and the United States. He constantly referred to Mexican immigrants as rapists, criminals and even drug dealers. He also promised to ban Muslims from entering the country. Recently, he has modified this order so that it applies only to individuals originating from terrorist-ridden nations.

No small battle

Donald Trump presidential campaign was marred with opposition from multiple circles – the Democrats protested against Trump’s anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant policies, deeming them as inhuman and undemocratic. Republicans, on the other hand, predicted that Trump would irrevocably damage their party along with any small chance of winning the 2016 presidential elections. Getting to the presidential seat seemed like an uphill battle for Trump, a battle that he was only glad to fight. Trump represented everything that was wrong with America, but he was still voted in.

Donald Trump Presidential Campaign
Donald Trump Presidential Campaign

When Trump was voted as the 45 th POTUS, hate crimes were reported to be on the rise in parts of the U.S. His critics perceived him as a narcissistic man, even going as far as questioning his mental health. They warned Americans that if Trump was elected, America would inevitably fall into a dictatorship or an authoritarian regime. The lives of citizens would be endangered after Trump’s Government waged a nuclear war with foreign nations devoid of any major provocation. Despite all this negative energy surrounding him, Trump beat the odds to become the running President.

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