Pictures of Donald Trump
Pictures of Donald Trump

Many words have been used to describe President Donald Trump. While some of them are quite clever, others are downright hilarious. Most people think of him as arrogant, while others describe him as Hitler, scary and even dangerous. Looking at any Donald Trump video, the first thing that pops into mind is authoritative. President Trump has a knack for making Americans believe that he can make Americans great again. He has constantly depicted that he’s not afraid to air out his thoughts and feelings. Most of his sentiments have left Americans feeling more worried than safe. His recent executive decision to bar immigration from Muslim-majority nations evoked intense uproar countrywide.

Is he hiding something?

One particular Donald Trump Video changed the way Americans viewed him. This was in a national debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton. During the debate, Clinton questioned why Trump hadn’t released his tax returns yet, hinting that his company was avoiding to pay taxes. In another hilarious video, Kathy Griffin decided to go full ISIS on President Trump when she held the president’s bloodied dummy head in front of camera. She did this in an attempt to revive her dead career as a comedian, evoking lots of emotions around the country. However, many people thought that she’d gone too far.

Donald Trump Video
Donald Trump Video

Apart from Donald Trump Video, the president has also been known to have an immense sense of humor on twitter. Recently, he posted a tweet that left millions of his followers baffled. It read: Despite the constant negative press covfefe. With one simple tweet, the president had managed to sway American’s concerns to himself. While some wondered whether the president’s twitter account had been hacked, others ridiculed the tweet. Memes were even made. Later on, the tweet was deleted from Trump’s account. It was replaced with another tweet in which the president wondered who could figure out the genuine meaning of the alien word ‘covfefe’.

Love him or hate him

Ultimately, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The recent actions of the president, including his executive order that bars immigration from Muslim-majority nations, prove that Trump is a president who disregards democracy. Looking at any Donald Trump video, you’ll realize that the president loves power. No wonder many people referred to him as arrogant and inconsiderate. He doesn’t care about public perceptions, nor does he fret about the media. Recently, he’s been condemning the media for propagating fake news and camouflaging it as real by sourcing it to the White House.

Donald Trump Video
Donald Trump Video

When the president went for his European tour, he got the chance to meet a number of leaders. He even met the pope. One Donald Trump video that was shot in the Vatican shows the U.S. President trying to grab the hand of Pope Francis during a brief photo session. The pope shrugged off the president’s hand, causing Trump to retreat. This comes days after a similar occasion where Melania Trump, Donald’s wife, also shrugged off his hand as they were walking along the red carpet towards Air Force One. Maybe all the president needs is some love.

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