Donald Trump wife name
Donald Trump wife name

One will agree that it is no doubt that the current President of the United States enjoys the company of most beautiful women. The reason why one would assert that is because Donald Trump is a very successful businessman and who won’t like to be associated with greatness? The 45th President has married more times than any of his predecessors. Ivana Trump, Marla Maples, and Melania Knauss-Trump have born the name, Donald Trump Wife name.

The first woman to take Donald Trump name was Ivana Zelnickova Trump. The two got married in 1977. At the time of their marriage, they raised three children, Donald Jr, Ivanka and Erick Trump. After which Trump paid a compensation of $250, 0000 for each child. Following the release of Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump, stories emerged of a court deposition that contained a statement from Ivana Trump asserting that Donald Trump had raped her and pulled her hair when she reportedly referred to him to a surgeon to tend his bald head. Following the allegations of Donald Trump’s affair with a model, Marla Maples, The couple divorced in 1990 leaving Ivana Trump in the custody of the three children.

Three years after Trump divorced with his first wife, Marla bore their only child, Tiffany Trump, named after "Tiffany & Co." The couple married two months later. Maples was an established Model and a TV personality before marrying Trump. After marrying Trump, she went on to co-host Trump’s Miss Universe Pageant and Star in Maximum Overdrive and Execution Decision. The couple later announced their separation in 1997. The split was because of business according to a quote from anonymous source alleged to be closely linked to Donald Trump. At the time the division, Maples took Tiffany and moved from New York to California where she raised her alone, often arranging for visits between her and her father, following their final year of divorce.

Donald Trump wife name
Donald Trump wife name

The third woman to bear the Donald Trump wife name was Melania Knauss-Trump who is now married for 12 years. Though the story of the tow was more audible during the electioneering period, Donald Trump and Melania Trump have a story dating two decades. The two met at a Fashion Week Party I the late 1990s, presumably at a time Donald Trump was married to Maples. The then-model Melania Knauss went on to date the father of four for several years amid accusations that she was only interested in Trump’s finances. Melania later defended the claims by saying that it is not possible for one to live with the other if it was not out of love. ‘One cannot hug an airplane; one cannot hug an apartment,’ she defended herself

The two would later move on to become engaged I 2004, marrying the following year and welcoming their son, Barron shortly after. Being the current wife of the President of The United States of America, a brief history of the woman who bears Donald Trump Wife name would suffice. Melania was born in 1970, meaning that between her and her husband, there is an age difference of 24 years between her and her husband. Melania was raised by a communist father, Victor Knavs, a manager at a car dealership and her mother, Amalija Ulnik, who worked as a pettern maker ina textile industry She was born in Sevnica, currently part of Yugoslavia. Her name was originally Melanija Knavs but found fame under the name, Melania Knauss. Melania began her modeling career at an early age of 16. While she was 17, she was spotted by Stane Jerko and invited to a trial Photoshop. This was the beginning of her career. She got a contract with Italian Model agency in Milan.

Melania graced the world’s catwalks and magazines. She at one point appeared naked before British GQ magazine. She also in 2000 swimsuit edition of sports illustrated. She said that her mum was in the fashion industry and that she did her first catwalk at a tender age of 5. According to her, she went professional after her studies. Melania Trump now runs a jewelry business, with her products appearing on channel QVC. Melania says that she does not do anything to her body and that she would do nothing but age gracefully.

Donald Trump wife name
Donald Trump wife name

Most questions over the internet ask, how Melania ended up in America. She continued to educate herself while she worked in Europe, becoming fluent in French, English, and Serbo-Croat. In 1996, she went to New York at a time when the founder of ID models found her a modeling job and a visa. She came to the US on an H-1B visa through immigration law that allows models as highly skilled workers together with computer programmers and scientist.

Melania Trump was only 28 when she met Donald Trump in 1998 at a party in Manhattan where they exchanged contacts. Melania played it cool and waited for one week before calling only to brake-up a few months a time when Donald toyed with the idea of running for US President in 2000 as a member of Reform Party. The two later married after Trump proposed at the glitzy Consume Institute Gala in New York and married in January 2005 I Florida. Among the guests who attended his wedding party were Hilary Clinton, her arch-rival, and Bill. The couple gave birth to one child, Barron William Trump, who is nicknamed mini-Donald by his mother.

Donald Trump wife name is, therefore, a name that any of the ladies who have been in marital relationship bear and will find its way to the website some times. Melania is more than the hot model wife of Donald; she is the first lady to the World’s most powerful president. Pronouncing Donald Trump wife name is important. Many people confuse how to pronounce Melania because many people have their way. Mel-ay- nia or even Mel-an- ee are but two. However, there is but one way to pronounce it. Since Melania was born in the former Yugoslav Republic of Slovenia, her name is Mer-lay- nya since they used to pronounce it that way at the time of her birth.

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