Ivanka Trump College Education
Ivanka Trump College Education

Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of American president Donald Trump and his former wife, has been termed as her father’s opposite in character both in conduct and personality. She is easily noticeable even when she is taken out of her father’s influence and has been regarded with great admiration not only by Americans but also by people in the entire world. Her success can be dated back to the age of 16 years when she graced covers of Elle and Seventeen and hosted the famous Miss Teen USA. She is a renowned American business woman who is the incumbent assistant to President Donald Trump. Ivanka is the most famous daughter of Donald Trump. She previously modeled before she joined the business world as the founder of Ivanka Trump brand that specializes in clothing, handbags, and footwear. Today, she serves as an assistant in his father’s administration.

Personal life

On October 30th, 1981 was the time when Ivanka Trump was born. She spent her early life residing with her mother just like her two elder brothers, Donald and Eric. She was very lucky because at her tender age of 16 years she commenced modeling after landing her first Gig. Later at the age of 17, she realized she wasn’t really into modeling, and that is the time she succeeded her father in his business. She currently has three babies and is married to Jared Kushner who is a real estate developer.


Chapin School which is an all girl’s private school is the first school Ivanka Trump attended until she was 15 years old. Chapin Schools serves nearly 800 students from preschool to eighth grade. The school is highly known for students exchange programs and intensive liberal arts. Her parents sent her to Choate Rosemary Hall after outgrowing Chapin School. She wasn’t happy with this new school because she was heard saying in interviews that the lifestyle there was “Prison like” while her “friends in New York City were busy having fun.”This well-regarded institution helps and prepares children for higher learning in colleges and universities by putting its main focus on programs of academic rigidity.Notable alumni are from Chapin School including President John.F.Kennedy, Micheal Douglas, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Ivanka Trump College Education
Ivanka Trump College Education

Ivanka Trump followed her Brother Eric’s footsteps when she joined Georgetown University. By doing this, she broke the family tradition. After just two years at Georgetown University, Ivanka Trump transferred to complete her undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania. This was not an indication that Georgetown was inferior compared to the University of Pennysylavinia. The institution has approximately 18000 students who come from nine schools. It is well known because of the largest student-run financial and business institution in the world

Like almost all of her family members, Ivanka was awarded her bachelor of degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania. At the University of Pennsylvania, through the famous Wharton Business School she majored in Finance. The University of Pennsylvania was founded IN 1740 By Benjamin Franklin. It has about 10,000 students


Ivanka Trumps in her official website explain different mood-boosting and pain reducing yoga sequences that can be done in different scenarios.

Yoga In a road trip

While driving in the car, the following steps should be applied   to keep the blood pumping and oxygen and energy moving in the body

While in the car driving, do a round of “cow/cat.” This is achieved by bringing movement into the shoulders, torso, and spine which ensures pressure release and the maintenance of the spine’s natural curve. Then regularly keep stretching the neck so that our shoulders are in the right position while still driving. When you reach a rest stop, make yourself long it will feel good after staying in the car for a long time while driving.Stretch your side body to make the breathing normal after the breathing had been shallow in the car, lengthen your legs out to aid in increasing blood circulation and  finally release your back.

Ivanka Trump College Education
Ivanka Trump College Education

Yoga while you wait in line

Get grounded with a mountain by ensuring that the hip-distance is apart and that the feet are parallel then let it go by a fold forward by softening your knees while still keeping the feet the way they are and folding forward over your legs.Undo the shopping bag shoulders using your hands by placing your arms behind you while they are together and move them to the right and left hip while swinging your neck the direction that the hands are. Give your back a break by leaning backward while the hands are held behind your head and finally rise and stay balanced by ensuring that the feet are hip-distance and parallel.

Yoga sequence that can be done on a plane

Interlace the fingers and alongside your ears, raise your arms while relaxing your shoulders. Simultaneously, press your seat down and trying reaching your palms to elongate your spine. Lean over to the left as you exhale while still keeping fingers interlaced and as you inhale come again to the center and do the same for the right side. On each exhale lean, and on each inhale come again to the center. Twist to the right by pressing your seat down and then twist to the left and press your seat down. Take five deep breaths after you gaze past the left shoulder. On the top seat in front of you, place your elbows while the shoulders are distanced apart. As your head falls inside the upper arms, allow the palms to press together. The reason for that is to open up chests and shoulders while giving the arms back a little stretch. Finally, tilt the over to the right and with the aid of the right hand you can deepen the stretch. Do the same for the left side by tilting the head to the left and using the left hand to deepen the stretch. While you stretch, breathing deeply, aids loosen the mental tension and physical muscles at the same time

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