Ivanka Trump Instagram
Ivanka Trump Instagram

Ivanka is the daughter of the current POTUS, President Donald Trump, and his first wife, Ivana Trump. Having followed her mom’s footsteps earlier in her life, she became a fashion model but later quit to become a businesswoman. She clearly took after her father – this became apparent when she partnered up with Dynamic Diamond Corp, a revered diamond vendor, to create an exquisite line of gold and diamond jewelry called Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry. She has even earned an enviable position at her father’s Trump Organization – she is the Executive Vice President in the company. However, the daughter of the most powerful man has his fair share of controversies.

Ivanka Trump Instagram controversies

Recently, Ivanka has been posting lots of amazing pictures on her Instagram page, ivankatrump. Some of them portray her either with her kids or with Jared Kushner, her husband. While everything looks normal, the background reveals some startling details: beautiful pieces of art that are believed to be worth millions. The couple hasn’t disclosed the possession of this valuable art, raising ethical questions. Now, they might be in trouble with the esteemed Office of Government Ethics. Simply because they failed to disclose the value of their expensive art collection.

The Government Ethics office demands that all federal employees reveal any valuable collectible, artwork or otherwise, worth $1,000 or more. When Ivanka and her hubby took on positions of power within the government, they should have disclosed the existence of their art. According to Art Net, the media company that disclosed Ivanka’s ethical issue, the president’s daughter could have a collection worth a couple million dollars in her possession. Thanks to Ivanka Trump Instagram posts depicting the valuable pieces in the background, her ethical violation was noticed. Some of the couple’s pieces include works by prominent artists who include Alex Da Corte and Nate Lowman.

Ivanka Trump Instagram
Ivanka Trump Instagram

Ivanka recently shared a picture that invoked an intense reaction worldwide. In the picture, Ivanka was standing alongside her husband, Jared. She wore a beautiful metallic silver gown whereas her husband was adorned in a stunning tux. Given her father’s recent executive order that will bar immigration and movement from whopping seven nations that have a Muslim majority, it’s shocking that Ivanka would ignore this issue entirely and instead decide to reveal the glamor of her incredible marriage. The president’s order has sparked widespread protests all over the country.

Americans were definitely not pleased by Ivanka’s picture. One person even likened her action as being ‘tone-deaf’ while another termed her behavior as ignorant and stupid. Meanwhile, Jared Kushner is being investigated for his alleged ties with Russia. Jared was appointed the president’s senior advisor when President Donald Trump took office. With this new mandate came tougher responsibilities. Trump has always been confident in Jared’s capacity to deliver, whether in business or in government. Jared rose to fame during Trump’s intense campaign. In one rally, President Trump declared that Jared was extremely good in politics. Apart from this, he’s also a successful real estate guru.

Ivanka Trump Instagram not only tells a lot about Ivanka, it also gives us a sneak peek into Jared’s life. Ivanka clearly loves her husband, given the numerous pictures she has with him by her side. Most people know Jared as a man who is very well mannered. He is polite and soft spoken, quite unlike his father-in-law. His colleagues at work talk highly of Jared, revealing that he is as well-mannered as he is handsome. However, several controversies exist revolving around Jared Kushner’s family. Apparently, Charles Kushner – Jared’s father – pleaded guilty to evading tax, tampering with witnesses and offering some illegal donations for campaign reasons.

Apart from her darling husband, there’s still a lot that Ivanka Trump Instagram page has to offer. For instance, did you know that Ivanka is blessed with three children: her daughter, Arabella Rose Kushner, and her two sons, Joseph Frederick Kushner and Theodore James Kushner? These kids live incredible lives – they have two loving parents who not only exude power but are also successful businesspeople. Looking at her Instagram posts, it’s also quite clear that she admires her father, Donald Trump. Donald’s influence on his daughter’s life is simply unfathomable.

Ivanka Trump Instagram
Ivanka Trump Instagram

One can learn a thing or two about business simply by checking out Ivanka Trump Instagram feed. She frequently posts business tips and uses the hashtag #WomenWhoWorkBook. Business tip number one, according to her Instagram feed, is “To master communication, ask questions and listen well.” this makes perfect sense – a good communicator ought to be curious enough to ask for clarifications and listen intently as well. Ivanka’s mother, Ivana, has also been part and parcel of her life growing up. Several pictures of the two wonderful women standing side by side can be seen on Ivanka Trump Instagram page.

Family comes first

To Ivanka Trump, family always comes first. There are numerous pictures in her Instagram page that portray her large, loving family. One particular picture shows Ivanka holding her newly-born boy, Theodore. She’s got a huge smile on her face, and her countenance is radiating with immense joy. Another picture portrays the whole family: Ivanka, her husband Jared and their three kids. It’s extremely beautiful and eye-watering. Apart from Instagram, Ivanka Trump is also active on Twitter and Facebook. She constantly highlights her family’s milestones on Facebook, reiterating how blessed she is to have a big, loving family. Her official Facebook page is called Ivanka Trump.

It’s no secret, Ivanka Trump Instagram page has helped her fans know who she really is. It has also shed light on her personality: a fun, loving, caring mother and wife with nothing but love to give. Although some people might criticize some of her actions, she remains relentless. She’s a determined businesswoman who has cut her own niche without requiring any help from her father, the president. This proves that she’s a lady of steel. As her star continues shining bright, she can only go up. Check out Ivanka Trump Instagram page to get a taste of her lavish life.

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