Ivanka Trump Style
Ivanka Trump Style

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Ivana and Donald Trump, owns her own clothing line. It’s not hard to get handbags, jewelry and apparel made by Ivanka Trump’s company surprisingly being sold inexpensively. Many people love Ivanka’s attire – her fashion label is not only chic but also quite affordable compared to other fashion labels such as Guess? Inc. and Steve Madden Ltd. At 35, Ivanka has seen it all. She became widely renowned after she emulated her mother as a fashion model. Later on, her father’s influence became apparent when she decided to pursue business.

Fashion is everything

Her passion for fashion saw her grow immensely as a model. She later came of age and started selling expensive jewelry under her very own jewelry line called Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry. In this venture, she partnered with Dynamic Diamond Corp., a well-established diamond vendor. Today, Ivanka Trump fashion pieces and jewelry are sold in many parts of the globe. As she worked towards building her jewelry brand, she sought inspiration from entrepreneurs and businesses such as Tifanny & Co. and Christian Louboutin Ltd. This saw her open a boutique along Madison Avenue in Manhattan.

Ivanka Trump Shoes

There has been widespread controversy surrounding the making of shoes belonging to Ivanka Trump’s fashion line. Apparently, the Chinese workers toil day and night to make these shoes, but they are severely underpaid. The inhuman way in which Huajian International – the makers of Ivanka Trump shoes – treat its workers is now being scrutinized by labor activists. The authorities are also being viewed to be taking sides, judging by their decision to detain one activist who was working undercover within the shoe-making factory. Two more activists have even gone missing, and nobody knows whether they were put in detention by the authorities as well.

The shoes that Ivanka Trump wears to different occasions are distinctly gorgeous. She can rock anything from stilettos to block heel sandals. In a recent visit to the White House, she wore a white skirt that contrasted well with her black sleeveless bodice. She completed her chic look with some black sandals. It’s not surprising that the sandals belonged to her own fashion line – Ivanka loves brandishing her lifestyle label wherever she goes. This includes handbags, jewelry and even footwear. The sandals she wore are worth $120. Despite being a tad expensive, one has to applaud Ivanka Trump shoes for being marvelously stylish and comfortable to wear.

Ivanka Trump Style
Ivanka Trump Style

Ivanka Trump Fashion

At first, Ivanka envisioned that her fashion label would be big; aimed at wealthy individuals who could afford attire and shoes with four-digit price tags. Along the way, however, she realized the need to create a modest celebrity brand rather than building a high-priced designer fashion housed for the rich. This prompted her to create a company that targeted the common folk. She decided to make shoes, jewelry and clothes that could be afforded by ordinary Americans. Apparently, Ivanka Trump fashion pieces aren’t a reserve of the rich.

Ivanka decided to down-market her company, a decision that has led to positive results. People love it when celebrities create a branding tool rather than building luxury houses that are barely affordable. Ivanka began her clothing and footwear business in 2010. Despite coming from a wealthy background, she was extremely grounded growing up. She decided to target the less glossy individuals, a move that she doesn’t regret. This decision was further fueled by Donald Trump’s election – there were so many controversies surrounding her dad during this period that she lost important business partners, forcing her to halt the production of important diamonds that were critical for her remaining fashion business.

When asked about her tremendous price shift, Ivanka replied that she wanted the price points of her apparel line to be accessible. However, she insisted that she was in the business of making luxury pieces. Therefore, the look of her clothes would stay consistent to her overall message: fashionable and luxurious. In a short spell of time, Ivanka’s clothing line grew into a staggering $100 million franchise. Her company not only produced fashionable pieces, it also kept its promise – that of offering affordable luxury.

Ivanka Trump Fashion Company expanded swiftly, giving way to fragrances and home goods. More and more stores wanted her label. The glamorous jewelry that once formed the core of Ivanka’s company also crumbled under the weight of her incredible mass-market merchandise. Today, you can shop for Ivanka Trump’s items online. Platforms such as Kmart, Wal-Mart Stores and Sears brands sell these items. A recent survey showed that Ivanka Trump brand’s customers are those ranging between 25 years and 40 years with an income ranging from $60k to $100k annually. This is quite unlike the shoppers who fish out several thousand bucks to get diamond-encrusted earrings.

Ivanka Trump Style
Ivanka Trump Style

Ivanka Trump Clothing

It’s hard to forget Ivanka’s incredible fashion sense, especially when it comes to her clothing. She frequently wears floral patterns and beautiful, bright colors. This perhaps represents her fun-loving, exuberant personality – Ivanka loves the fun company of her family and friends. After visiting Ivanka Trump Instagram page, it’s easy to see why so many people admire her – she has a big heart and an insatiably passion to serve. Ivanka actually has three adorable children and a loving husband. She dresses Arabella, her beautiful daughter, like a queen. Her two son, Joseph and Theodore, are always adorned in some awesome attire.

Ivanka Trump clothing is a culmination of all her years in fashion modelling – mature and sophisticated. Unlike most celebrities who love rocking expensive attire to events and parties, Ivanka is cut from a different fabric. She once wore shoes worth $78 to this year’s Governors Ball and nailed it. The shoes are part of her fashion collection. They can be purchased on the different online marketplaces such as Amazon. To complement her incredible shoes, Ivanka wore a strapless J. Mendal dress. Her husband Jared, on the other hand, wore a chic tuxedo. There’s no question about it – Ivanka and Jared are the new fashion couple in town.

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