Ivanna Trump
Ivanna Trump

Ivanna Trump is the former wife of real estate mogul and the forty-fifth president of United States of America

Early Life

Ivanna Trump was born as Ivanna Marie Zelnickova on the 20th of February of 1949 in Gottwaldov, Czechoslovakia (now called Zlin in the Czech Republic). She had athletic talents as her father had taught her skiing and swimming when she was as young as two years old. Ivanna started skiing competitively at the age of six years old. She entered a national training program when she was twelve years old. She competed all over Europe when she was a teenager in tournaments. She joined Charles University in 1967 in Prague. She continued to ski during her college years and was selected as an alternate for her country’s ski team during the 1972 Olympics. She married her first husband, an Australian skier Alfred Winklmayr. Their union lasted few years.

Ivanna Trump migrated to Canada after getting her masters in Physical Education. She worked as a ski instructor in Canada as she learned English. In the 1970s, she started her career in modeling. She came to New York in 1976.

Ivanna Trump is a hardworking woman. Knowing what it meant to get into the trap due to money and class, she was determined to make it through in the United States and take her opportunities to the infinity. These traits made her different from the spoilt liberal women of New York, making her stand out. She earned her master’s in physical education and further studied decorating and business. She met Donald Trump in New York and a year later married on Easter Sunday 1977 after nine months of dating.

Ivanna Trump Marriage to Donald Trump

Donald Trump was both handsome and wealthy in the mid-1970s, and he did good deeds such as stopping banks from foreclosing by paying off mortgages of poor people periodically who were losing their homes to the bank. He would then have mortgage burning ceremonies in which the whole neighborhood would become involved. This was very important to a young lady like Ivanna that Donald Trump had a heart.

Ivanna Trump
Ivanna Trump

Ivanna was beautiful and a charming personality. She became a powerful force that boosted Donald Trump to celebrity status. Having had the knowledge of interior design, Ivanna worked within her husband’s company serving as an interior design consultant on several high profile projects such as Trump Tower in New York City, Trump Plaza Hotel, and Casino in Atlantic City. She also held executive positions at the Plaza Hotel in New York and Trump’s Castle Hotel and Casino for several years. Together they were a solid business team taking on the main projects together. They bought many homes together, including their triplex penthouse in Trump Tower and their own Boeing 727 airline. Donald Trump’s high-profile political deal-making and enthusiastic self-promotion kept their marriage in the public eye.

Ivanna Trump Children and Grandchildren

Ivanna and Donald Trump had three children, Donald Trump Junior, Erick Trump and Ivanka Trump. The 39-year-old Donald Trump is married to Vanessa Haydon, and together they have five children, and three sons, Donald, Tristan and Spencer, two daughters, Kai and Chloe. Ivanka Trump is wife to Jared Kushner, a real estate developer and the couple has three children; Arabella, Theodore, and Joseph Kushner. Eric Trump is Ivana’s last child. He is married to Lara Yunaska, and together they are expecting a child in September.


In the early 1980s, Ivana took a break to spend more time with the children. Donald cut her loose from Atlantic City and took over as president of Plaza Hotel. Rumors started circulating that Donald Trump was having an affair with a beauty pageant winner called Marla Maples from Georgia. Marla met Donald when she was just 23 years old. They dated secretly, and Donald often offered her gifts and money to keep quiet. Marla was pressuring Donald to leave Ivana. Donald took Marla everywhere that he went so that he could often escape to see her.

In 1991, Ivanna and her family were in Aspen skiing, and Marla lodged nearby. The two women met on the ski slopes accidentally, and they confronted each other nastily. Ivana filed for a divorce.  Pictures and stories of Marla and Donald have filled the media. One particularly embarrassing was when Marla challenged Ivanna publicly if she loves her husband the Marla herself does.

The scandal affected the Trump children seriously. Trump junior was ridiculed at Buckley school, and Ivanka cried at Chapin. Ivanka kept asking Ivanna if she no longer would be a Trump. Erick would always ask if Ivanna was going away never to come back again. The divorce battle went on for 13months. Ivanna eventually won a $25 million pay out with $10 million in cash

Ivanna Trump
Ivanna Trump

Life after Donald Trump

Ivanna has written advice columns for Globe Magazine called “Ask Ivanna. “And launched her lifestyle magazine. She appeared in The First Wives Club in 1996 and is remembered for the line “and remember: don’t get mad, get everything.” She decided to build her empire. She started two companies, Ivana Inc. which manages her appearance and Ivana Haute Couture that markets products which market Ivanna products. Her companies have matured to a multi-million dollar business with her line of cosmetics, accessories, and fragrances sold over the internet. She appears in different television channels such as the Canadian shopping channel to market her products. She bought a large share of Croatian second largest newspaper during the late 1990s as part of her business empire.

Ivanna Inc. manages other activities such as appearance in print and television advertisements such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza hut, Cotton Inc. and the Milk Campaign, Coors Light and Canadian Lottery Campaign. Ivanna has written books. She has written two fiction books For Love Alone and Free to love and one non-fiction the best is yet to come. She has been portrayed by ABC Biography Channel and Portraits by Lifetime.

Ivanna gives speeches throughout the year speaking about motherhood. She is known for her motivational speech called “Women who Dare” where she asks women to have confidence and to be able to balance their lives between motherhood, wife, executive and being a woman who takes care of herself. She promotes female athletes through her speeches and female entrepreneurs.

Ivanna Trump is a model of strength, hard work and power of women all over the world. She continues to inspire women all over the world through motivation speaking and her work and image.

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