Melania Trump Interview
Melania Trump Interview

Here’s a fun history fact: Melania Trump is the first FLOTUS to be purely naturalized. She originally hails from the beautiful town of Novo Mesto in Slovenia. Looking back, it’s hard to imagine that the young, ambitious Slovene model could make her way to New York to develop her career and while there, meet the man of her dreams who just happened to be a revered billionaire and future president. Ever since Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th POTUS, the usually private Melania has had to endure intense interviews, some of which have touched on her very career and family.

Melania Trump Interview List

In one of her interviews with the GQ magazine, she admitted that things weren’t always the way they are now – she’s getting plenty of attention for her role as first lady. She also recall their wedding which occurred in 2005. The former president Bill Clinton graced this occasion together with her wife, Hillary. Back then, Donald and Melania were mere private citizens. She even remembers the glamorous Dior dress that she wore for her wedding – it cost a whopping $100,000 and was affixed with a total of 1,500 crystals. Apparently, laborers had worked an entire 550 hours to make the dress.

Trump wore a simple tux. The Grand Marnier cake that they had ordered was five feet tall. And according to that Melania Trump interview, those were simpler times. Things came to a dramatic change when Trump hatched up a plan that would supposedly make America great again. The Clintons, the same friends who warmed their hearts during the big wedding ceremonies years back, had now turned into mortal enemies. However, as Melania graciously put it, it was nothing personal – just business. There are certain situations that one can’t change, and fighting a political campaign battle against the Clintons was just one of them.

Ivana, Donald Trump’s first wife, would probably have wanted him to run for president. Melania, on the other hand, couldn’t even bring her mind to play around with the idea. Before Trump made the huge life-altering decision, he had a wide discussion with Melania. She asked if he really wanted to do it, since life has a way of changing dramatically. In that Melania Trump interview, it was clear that Melania was a free thinker. She didn’t let anybody control her. When she can, she travels together with her husband.

Melania Trump Interview
Melania Trump Interview

Melania loves her son Barron. Even when she travels, she always ensures that her son will be okay under the care of the help. Although her husband thinks that she’d make an amazing First Lady, she doesn’t hold the same sentiments. She once said that a more traditional role would suit her, such as that of Jackie Kennedy. She has an aura of mystery surrounding her life and her tenure as First Lady – and she probably likes it that way. When asked the causes that she’d be inclined to support, she said that she was already working together with numerous charities.

In a sense, Melania Trump is exactly like her husband. Not only does she make eye contact, she also exudes a positive energy and takes things as they come. She also has a tough skin – she has exhibited this constantly throughout her marriage with Donald. According to the Melania Trump interview conducted by the GQ magazine, she’s also an avid fan of the news. Also, she doesn’t back down from interrogations or interviews. She’ll answer each question thrown at her until either the interviewer understands her standpoint or decides it’s futile to continue the interrogation. Melania has such a cool personality.

Melania Trump Interview
Melania Trump Interview

Unlike Donald, however, Melania Trump is polite and super reserved. She also has a lot of peace in her. She even decided not to travel along with her husband during the political campaign. Rather, she stayed back at home and took care of Barron, their boy. According to here Slovene friends, Melania is also not vain or proud. She’s down to earth and humble, despite having gained a lot of fame as a model. Instead of turning into a socialite, Melania decided to love her family with all that she has – a love that’s unconditional. When she attends any event, Melanie loves to retire early.

A mother’s duty

Despite enjoying the services of an assistant and a chef, Melania Trump doesn’t have a nanny to help raise her son Barron. Instead, she believes in conducting her duties as a mother: she desires to raise an upright son by availing him all the love in the world. According to one particular Melania Trump interview conducted by, both Melania and Trump know their roles. She doesn’t expect the current president to change his son’s diapers or put him to bed. Little Barron has already started taking on Donald’s Traits – he wants to be a golfer and businessman one day.

Melanie frequently dresses Barron in suits, saying that the boy is “not a sweatpants child.” Donald appreciates the effort that Melania puts in their marriage, according to a 2005 interview with Larry King. He works hard all day, and the last thing he wants is to get home and work on their relationship as well. Melania once joked that the secret to their successful marriage is having two separate bathrooms. Interestingly, Donald has never heard Melanie unload some timber or even fart. Nothing’s better than a couple with a sense of humor.

During any Melania Trump interview, Melania is always careful to reply appropriately to questions while still maintaining a charming charisma. When asked why she doesn’t accompany her husband to campaigns, she replied that she didn’t want to go into politics. She further added that policy making is her husband’s job and although she has her own opinions, she always shares them with Donald. Her family and her traditional values are two things she prizes most. In every sense, Melania is the epitome of a perfect wife. Since they first met in the 1998 New York Fashion Week, the two lovebirds have never looked back.

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