Melania Trump Modeling Photography
Melania Trump Modeling Photography

When Melania Trump landed at New York back in 1996, little did she know that she’d become the wife of the 45th POTUS two decades later. Melania has always been an ambitious lady. She grew up in Slovenia and started attending high school when she came of age, later on, she proceeded to study in the University of Ljubljana, though for a very short spell – she dropped out after only one year. Having realized her modeling gift from a tender age, Melania started modeling at the age of 16. It didn’t take long for a modeling agency in Milan to notice her. She signed for that agency and started pursuing her modeling career.

Her rise to the top

Melania Trump modeling photography saw her travel frequently to Paris and Milan. Work was steady, and she was happy. Although she’d reached the moon, she desired to touch the stars. This prompted her to move to New York. Here, she met famous photographers such as Patrick Demarchelier who were more than happy to offer her modeling gigs. As work became more frequent, she started landing magazine covers. Some of the magazines she modeled for include Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ.

Things were not always rosy for Melania. Part of Melania Trump modeling photography shoots include one she did while nude. She posed nude for GQ, a British magazine that is aimed for men’s entertainment. The shoot took place in January 2000. It shows Melania Trump resting on a fur blanket while stark naked. This particular GQ cover sparked a huge controversy, especially when Trump declared that he’d run for the 2016 presidential race. From then on, Melania was put under the public lens – every photo she’d ever taken was scrutinized, and her actions were closely monitored. It’s clear that Trump had very determined critics.

In all fairness, the January 2000 cover of the GQ portrayed Melania exactly as she ought to be described: beautiful, blue-eyed, elegant, graceful and curvy. In Europe, the cover evoked feelings of awe and wonder. Little did she know that her nude photo shoot would be widely criticized in America. This, however, didn’t hamper her success or the success of her husband. Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States after he beat Hillary Clinton in a hotly contested campaign battle. Undoubtedly, Melania Trump played a huge role in her husband’s success, regardless of her controversial modeling photographs.

Melania Trump Modeling Photography
Melania Trump Modeling Photography

Although Donald Trump is 24 years older than Melania, love between them grew fast. When Trump first spotted Melania, he was saw awestruck by her beauty that he inquired who the lady was.  Later on, during Zampolli’s party at Manhattan’s Kit Kat Club, Donald walked up to Melania and asked for her number. However, she didn’t give it to him – she was apparently disinterested the first time. Trump didn’t know about Melania Trump modeling photography then, but eventually did when they were dating. The couple soon wedded in 2005. The lavish ceremony took place in the Mar-a-Lago resort that’s owned by Trump.

Cosmetic tweaks and modifications

Melania Trump was a sight to behold during her heydays. Reporters and photographers didn’t even require to know her too well during photo shoots – they were always intrigued by her beauty, and her photos were simply spectacular. However, she’s had to get some cosmetic help over the years in her attempts to maintain her youthful, fresh-faced looks. It’s estimated that her cosmetic transformation costed a pretty penny, somewhere between the range of £10,000 and £12,000. With many celebrity models turning to aesthetic facial treatments these days, it’s not surprising that Melania Trump, an ex-model, headed the same route.

In one of her television interviews, Melania spoke about her background with an intense gusto. Even as she talked, her upper face barely flinched. This, according to medical experts, reveals that Melania had received an obvious Botox treatment. Botox is injected into parts of your face to eliminate wrinkles and make you look younger again. However, its effects only look fabulous if the resultant appearance is natural. Clearly, Melania’s doctor had overdone it. Looking at Melania Trump modeling photography, one can’t help but notice the stark difference between her supple appearance when she was young and her rather cosmetic look today.

Melania Trump Modeling Photography
Melania Trump Modeling Photography

There was some discussion on whether Melania Trump had received a nose job. According to one consultant plastic surgeon named Chana, all evidence pointed to the direction of a nose job. Apparently, Melania’s nose was the principal focus in her whole facial reconstruction. A deeper analysis of Melania Trump modeling photography shows a subtle but certain change in her nasal shape. In her recent pictures, Melania’s nose looks slimmer than it was in her heydays. The tip of her nose is more refined as well. There are minute irregularities that can be noticed along the bridge line of her nose. This is to show that she’s undertaken an osteotomy procedure.

Here are a few fun facts about Melania Trump:

  1. Her mom loved fashion. It’s not surprising that Melania wanted to model since she was young, given her mom’s intense love for fashion. The two ladies frequently travelled to Paris and Italy. From as early as 5, Melania had already started modeling. By age 16, she was appearing in television commercials
  2. She was already dating another guy when she met Trump. The smooth talking president apparently knew all the right words to say. When they met during the 1998 Fashion Week, Melania was seeing someone else and consequently refused to give Trump his number. Instead, Trump gave her all his numbers, and love blossomed from there.
  3. She’s a very private individual. Melanie even chose to stay away from Trump’s campaign. In one of her interviews, she stated that she wasn’t going to be political since that was her husband’s job. She’s constantly demonstrated that she is an independent woman and a free thinker. It was probably a smart thing to avoid dipping her feet into the murky waters of politics, especially given Trump’s often-shocking sentiments.
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