Pictures of Donald Trump
Pictures of Donald Trump

The first thing you notice when you look at pictures of Donald Trump is the overwhelming sense of authority he exudes. President Donald Trump, the 45th POTUS, didn’t just land on the high seat out of luck – he worked hard and promised to make America great again despite the challenges. Although he holds dozens of ideologies that sound bizarre – like banning the immigration of Muslims – he spoke a language that the average American citizen could relate to. He promised to streamline the energy sector, create more jobs for Americans and come up with a sound health policy.

His dramatic growth

Since he was young, Donald Trump has been constantly reinventing himself. He attended the Wharton School of Business in his heydays and upon graduating, he took over his father’s real estate company and renamed it to The Trump Organization. His flamboyant, larger-than-life personality made him an instant hit, turning him into a tabloid celebrity. He managed to turn his name into a revered brand, investing in an assortment of businesses – from casinos to vodka brands. He was even handpicked to host The Apprentice, a show that put together aspiring entrepreneurs from around the country. As a television celebrity, he got plenty of airtime.

Pictures of Donald Trump
Pictures of Donald Trump

Some early pictures of Donald Trump portray him as a handsome, well-dressed boy with his characteristic blonde hair and checked tie. This includes one picture in which he poses beside his father, Frederick Trump Sr., his mother, Mary Anne Trump, and his two siblings. A later photograph that he took while at the New York Military Academy portrays a very different Donald – dressed in full military attire and with a stern look on his face. He played some sports during his time at the Academy, judging by a picture of him wearing a full sports kit.

His rise to power

Donald Trump’s transition into politics made a huge difference – the normally calm and collected Donald turned into a fierce, unrelenting man. Pictures of Donald Trump while on his campaign trail depict a man who was passionate for Americans. Although he dumped a lot of blame on the former regime for hampering growth and preaching facades, he also promised to make America great again by offering a new wave of leadership. He promised to offer better care to veterans and the whole military fraternity. In addition, he revealed his love for education givers by promising to support home education as an alternative mode of learning.

Pictures of Donald Trump
Pictures of Donald Trump

Looking at pictures of Donald Trump today, one learns that the current POTUS has three faces: there’s the happy face, the one where he gleefully smiles to the paparazzi as if unfazed by the tension that his ridiculous executive orders are causing. There’s the stern face, the one that let’s everyone know who’s really in power. finally, there’s the frowny face where he firmly clenches his lower lip and makes weird hand gestures as if to say “I’m smarter and richer than you.” Despite the huge controversies that he’s been causing, Donald Trump is not bothered a single bit. Judging by certain pictures of Donald Trump, there’s much more that he has in store for Americans.

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