Tiffany Trump instagram
Tiffany Trump instagram

Tiffany Trump is the fourth child and the last girl of the forty-fifth president of United States of America and a real estate mogul Donald Trump. She is also the only child of Donald Trump and his second wife Marla Maples, born on the 13th of October 1993 at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach Florida after what is said to be ten or even more hours of labor. Donald Trump is said to have cut the umbilical cord himself during her birth. She was named after a luxury jewelry store called Tiffany & Co., which had helped Donald Trump to build his flagship tower in New York when it sold him airspace rights above its premises for $5 million. Donald Trump confessed that he had always loved the name.

Marla Maples got married two months after her birth to Donald Trump and got divorced later six later, with three years spent undergoing the divorce process. After the divorce, Marla Maples moved to Los Angeles California, where she raised Tiffany as a single mother. She was able to grow up as a normal kid outside the spotlight, unlike her siblings who grew up in Manhattan with intense spotlight and media focused on them.

Tiffany went to Viewpoint School in Calabasas in California, where fees are said to cost $31,000 a year. She is said to grow up alongside the Kardashian-Jenner family and even went to school with some of them. Tiffany attended The University of Pennsylvania after high school. She graduated in May 2016 from the University with a degree in Sociology and Urban Studies. Tiffany will be attending Georgetown Law School, which is a mile-and-a-half walk from White House, so as to be close to her father and her step sister Ivanka.

Tiffany Trump Instagram

Tiffany is sometimes referred to as the forgotten daughter of Donald Trump because she did not participate actively in her father’s campaign as her first three older siblings. She is also not involved in her father’s business empire too as her older siblings, having grown up outside the media spotlight and a continent away from Manhattan. Being a 23 year old and just like her age mates, she is an active member of social media, with several accounts on different platforms, though she is known mostly for her Instagram account. In her Instagram account, she shares most aspects of her life.

Tiffany Trump instagram
Tiffany Trump instagram

A well-curated Instagram account is more worthy than any number of cable news interviews. Tiffany Trump Instagram account seems to understand this fact. The account has about 600,000 followers, and she is known as @Tiffany Trump. On Twitter, her account that goes by the name @TiffanyATrump has 277,000 followers. This number of followers in Instagram makes her Instagram-famous.

The Rich Kids of Instagram

Tiffany Trump Instagram account reveals many aspects of her life including her relationship with her mother and her family members and her close-knit circle of famous and rich friends. It is through this platform that she gives the world of a sneak peek in the rich and lavish lifestyles of her friends and family, which is a fairy tale to most people. This includes the pictures of her father’s buildings, expensive vacations, her planes and the vehicles and the pool parties.

Tiffany Trump Instagram account is famously known for being a part of an Instagram account referred to as The Rich Kids of Instagram. Here the rich and privileged lives of Tiffany and her friends from American known rich families have been put out for the world to see.

The members of The Rich Kids of Instagram

These privileged kids include a Trump, a Kennedy, and a Matisse among others. Their leader and Tiffany’s best friend is Andrew Warren is a 22-year old grandson of fashion mogul David Warren and a budding fashion mogul. He already has a collection of edgy ready to wear pieces in 2013. He called this group Just Drew. He directs his Instagram account and handpicks his crew who are found to be interesting to strangers. He leverages their famous names and their looks to a collective advantage using the social media. His handpicked crew at the moment includes Gaia Matisse, Kyra Kennedy, Tiffany Trump and Riya Benitez.

Tiffany Trump instagram
Tiffany Trump instagram

Tiffany Trump Instagram account and that of her friends is filled with photos that tell the story of an enviable set of lives that are intertwined whereby their days are spent in infinity pools sipping rose and their nights are spent on balconies that overlook Marais sipping rose. This shows a picture perfect life of wealthy progenies that is a fairy tale to many. Tiffany Trump Instagram account and that of her friends harness the power of the social media that exists, especially if every day is Instagram-worthy as theirs is.

The lot has been accused of spending their trust funds and partying too much without any ambition. They claim to have professional ambitions and that they desire to make it on their own to prove that they are not just spoilt brats.
Tiffany Trump and her mother
Tiffany Trump Instagram account reveals the relationship between her mother and herself. The two have a good rapport because Marla Maples raised her a single mother. Her Instagram account is filled with the photos of her mother and herself hanging out a lot.

Tiffany Trump Instagram and Her Father’s Campaign

Her father’s campaign was a blessing for her social media presence. Since her father announced his bid to become the president of the United States of America, Tiffany Trump Instagram followers have grown in number, nearly an eightfold. The scary fact for any millennial though is the fact that Donald Trump has 3.9million followers while Tiffany Trump Instagram has 748,000 followers only.

Tiffany Trump Instagram account reveals a lavish picture perfect life for her, her family and her friends. Pictures have led to negative media attention to her as her friends geotag themselves in the most enviable place in the world, the white house, in their attempt to up their Instagram game.

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