Tiffany Trump
Tiffany Trump

Tiffany Trump is the fourth child and the second girl of the forty-fifth president of United States of America and a real estate mogul Donald Trump. She is also the only child of Donald Trump and his second wife, Marla Maples. She bore the name after a luxury jewelry store called Tiffany & Co., which had helped Donald Trump to build his flagship tower in New York when it sold him airspace rights above its premises for $5 million. Donald Trump confessed that he had always loved the name.

Tiffany Trump Birth

Tiffany Trump born on the 13th of October 1993 at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach Florida after what is said to be ten or even more hours of labor. Marla went into labor when Donald was in New York while Marla was Mar-a-Lago where she had spent the few last weeks of her pregnancy. When Marla woke up in pain, she called Donald Trump, who boarded a plane at 2 am to Palm Beach. Marla had been driven to the hospital by her mother who was staying with her. Donald arrived at the hospital at 6.50am and stayed with Marla till she gave birth to Tiffany six hours later without painkillers. Trump and her mother Anne Ogletree stayed with her during birth. Donald had witnessed the birth of his first three children. Since it was nearly ten years since the birth of his last kid, the whole experience seemed new to him. When the baby was born, Dr. Jay Trabin who was Marla’s obstetrician asked Donald to cut the umbilical cord. She was sent many flowers and gifts from friends, among them being the then president of United States of United States, Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton.

Tiffany Trump’s Parents

Marla Maples got married two months after Tiffany’s birth to Donald Trump and got divorced later six later, with three years spent undergoing the divorce process. After the divorce, Marla Maples moved to Los Angeles California, where she raised Tiffany as a single mother. She was able to grow up as a normal kid outside the spotlight, unlike her siblings who grew up in Manhattan with intense spotlight and media focused on them. Marla Maples is said to maintain a good relationship with Donald Trump even after the divorce for Tiffany’s sake.

Donald Trump supported Tiffany despite them living far away from him. Whenever there was a function or when Tiffany was receiving an award, Donald flew over to witness, although they had a mostly coded relationship, through the phone.

Tiffany Trump
Tiffany Trump

Tiffany Trump Schooling

Tiffany went to Viewpoint School in Calabasas in California, where fees are said to cost $31,000 a year. She is said to grow up alongside the Kardashian-Jenner family and even went to school with some of them. She attended the University of Pennsylvania after high school. She graduated in May 2016 from the University with a degree in Sociology and Urban Studies. Tiffany will be attending Georgetown Law School, which is a mile-and-a-half walk from White House, so as to be close to her father and her step sister Ivanka.

Tiffany Trump Siblings

Tiffany Trump has four have siblings. They are Donald Junior Trump, Ivanka, Eric Trump, who are Ivanna Trump’s children and Baron Trump, who is Melania Trump’s son. Tiffany Trump is close to her step sister Ivanka. She appears to understudy Ivanka’s style of family influence willingly. Ivanka gives her sister advice, political, boy advice and sisterly advice. Ivanka teaches Tiffany all the things she has picked up from being famous like how to sit, what to wear or the color that looks best on the camera. Ivanka is the most famous Trump after her father. She has commercialized most aspects of her life, and she seems like the most reasonable person in the family. Ivanka is twelve years older than Tiffany Trump.

Tiffany Trump Instagram

Tiffany is sometimes referred to as the forgotten daughter of Donald Trump because she did not participate actively in her father’s campaign as her first three older siblings. She is also not involved in her father’s business empire too as her older siblings, having grown up outside the media spotlight and a continent away from Manhattan. Tiffany Trump took it to social media to share her life. Being a 23 year old and just like her age mates, she is an active member of social media, with several accounts on different platforms, though she is known mostly for her Instagram account. In her Instagram account, she shares most aspects of her life.

A well-curated Instagram account is more worthy than any number of cable news interviews. Tiffany Trump seems to understand this fact. The account has over 700,000 followers and grows daily. She is known as @Tiffany Trump. On Twitter, her account that goes by the name @Tiffany Trump has 277,000 followers. This number of followers in Instagram makes her Instagram-famous. She is involved with a group of kids with a rich background, and they call themselves The Rich Kids of Instagram. Here they post photos of themselves during their luxurious getaways and parties, showing off the wealth their family own. Their leader is Andrew Warren, who is the grandson of David Warren, a fashion mogul. Other members include Gaia Matisse, Kyra Kennedy, Tiffany Trump and Riya Benitez

Tiffany Trump
Tiffany Trump

Tiffany Trump Law School

Tiffany Trump will be attending law school in the fall of 2017. She did her LSATs on the 3rd of December of 2016, and she will be joining Georgetown Law School so that she becomes close to her father and her sister. She was seen visiting other schools such as NYU, which was Jared Kushner’s former school (her brother-in-law).She had previously attended Columbia and Harvard Universities. Her step brother Erick Trump went to the same University in the school of business. Malia Obama joins Harvard’s School of Law this fall too.  She said to do law because she wants to be taken seriously.

She is not the only one to study law in the family. Her aunt Mary Anne Trump Barry is an attorney and an inactive Senior United State Circuit Judge of the United State Circuit Judge for the third circuit. Tiffany Trump is not the first president’s kid to pursue higher education during her dad’s career. Chelsea Clinton started at Stanford University in 1997 after her father began his second tenure. Many though do not understand Tiffany Trump’s decision to study law when her father does not seem to respect the judges, and they hope that she will teach him more about the law.

Tiffany Trump is fast rising into spotlight although she was once called the forgotten Trump. The contribution for her fame is due to social media and her father’s rise to the presidency. She is hoped to be people’s favorite just as her older sister, Ivanka Trump.

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