Trump’s Daughters

Trump’s Daughters
Trump’s Daughters

When you’re the daughter of the U.S. President, there are certain perks that you enjoy. Apart from being bombarded with attention from the public, the media will always be hot on your heels. President Donald Trump has two beautiful daughters from two marriages. His first wife, Ivana, was a Czech model. They got married in 1977 and were blessed with three children: two boys and one girl. Ivanka Trump, the girl, is now 35 years old. Donald Trump’s second marriage was with Marla Maples, an American Actress. Their marriage resulted in the birth of Tiffany, a bubbly girl who is now 23 years old.

Ivanka Trump

Born on October 1981, Ivanka is a successful businesswoman with her very own clothing line. Before she decided to start her own business, Ivanka was a fashion model. Just like her mother, Ivana, she was extremely passionate about fashion. Though her mum and dad divorced when she was just ten years old, she enjoyed the company of her elder brother, Donald Jr., and her younger brother, Eric. You’d expect any Trump daughter to be full of ego. However, Ivanka doesn’t love leading a flashy life. Instead, she engages with the public and even donates to charity.

Trump’s Daughters
Trump’s Daughters

The beauty about Ivanka Trump’s fashion line is its incredible affordability. Initially, she envisioned a celebrity fashion line for the high-end market. However, after studying the market for some years, she decided to change her customer base. She created a fashion line for the common people, ensuring that most people could afford her clothes, shoes, handbags and jewelry. It’s ingenious how she has managed to reinvent herself throughout the years, trying her hand in a number of ventures till she found her niche. Her mission is to inspire women, to empower her customers and to enhance the lives of Americans.

Tiffany Trump

Born in October 1993, Tiffany Trump is only 23 years old. She has managed to stay away from the public eye, unlike the other Trump daughter Ivanka. Tiffany is well-read, having earned her double major from the University of Pennsylvania. She still has high ambitions – she plans to study law at the Georgetown Law School in D.C. Tiffany is an outgoing lady. She enjoys going for trips and attending fashion shows during her leisure time. Did you know that Tiffany is just one of the so called Rich Kids of Instagram? She enjoys the attention of millions of Instagram followers.

Trump’s Daughters
Trump’s Daughters

Although Ivanka and Tiffany share Donald Trump’s genes, they are clearly cut from different cloths. Tiffany loves living the celebrity life, enjoying her wealth, throwing parties and modelling occasionally. Ivanka, on the other hand, leads a quiet life. She prefers working on her businesses and hustling her way up. Ivanka met Jared Kushner, her husband, back in 2005. She is the only Trump daughter to be married and have children – she has three adorable kids. Tiffany is currently dating Ross Mechanic, her longtime boyfriend. Although it’s still too early to judge, their relationship seems to be blossoming every single day.

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